Thursday, October 2, 2008

Ursula 1000

So I was on Dr. Luke's Wikipedia page (mega post to follow) looking in wonderment at his accomplishments when i happened upon a list of tracks co produced with DJ Alex Gimeno aka Ursula 1000.

You've heard the name, but what's his game? Firstly, as seen in the above video, he brings the funk. Secondly, as also seen, he has a sense of humor. Thirdly, he is what some of us new jack blog dj's might refer to as "The Real Deal." Fourthly, his look reminds me of the mooney suzuki guy.  That's cool with me, I love DJ's who look like indie rock stars.

According to my internet sources, Alex Gimeno was born in brooklyn, grew up in a musical family and spent a long time in miami where you either drown in a mountain of cocaine or learn how to dj real good.  Apparently his apartment is completely filled with vinyl because he is an insane record collector.  He also has sold tracks to the devil aka Grey's Anatomy.

His sound is all Tiki Torches, exotic hula girls, baile breaks, and thievery corporational soundscapery.  Enjoy.

1 comment:

Bradley D! said...

Ursula 1000 is like 1000 light years ahead. His Klaxons/Armand Van Helden mashup still makes me wet.