Wednesday, October 8, 2008

C U on Tuesday = Udachi, Neon Ceyote, Estaw

Santos Party House was gonna be called Santa's Party House, or Santa's Workshop, or something like that.  It took maybe five years or so to get that show on the road, and in the beginning they were so psyched they made shirts.  I only know this cause my ex rooomate was using said shirt as a pillowcase.
I went there last night to see the C U on Tuesday party featuring my boy Estaw, Udachi, Neon Coyote and others.  do you want me to tell u my opinion of each? well i'm going to anyway:

This is neon coyote or maybe 1/2 half of.  As he was djing i remarked to my friend: "this is the sound of a hipster staring into his laptop. and i like it."


my pic of Estaw came out like shit so here's the crowd during his set which was a cool mix of blog house and euro hip hop with excellent cdj scratching. Estaw is from amsterdam and he doesnt smoke weed. so typical.

Estaw - Break it Down (Herve's Spitfire Mix).mp3)

Estaw - Weird All.mp3

I think my fav was udachi.  he unapologetically bashed the club's head in with uptempo rave out techno.  Isla even had to get on the mic to get a piece of that action.


Jess said...

Santas Party house is the best!!!!!!!!!!!!! Love that place seriously.

Air Jared said...

its totally rad agreed

Leif said...

on john. i i i i do