Saturday, October 4, 2008

Bloody Beetroots @ Webster Hall

So let me start this off by saying I know the Bloody Beetroots personally.  I have even kicked it with them in Italy.  But even if i didn't know them i probably still would have gotten on my bike and rode all the way from bedstuy to webster hall in the east village.  Yes, i crossed the williamsburg bridge on my bmx for the bloody beetroots.

And you know what?  it was worth it.  I even saw some bloggers there!  And the usual suspects from AM only management (they book for treasure fingers, felix cartal, klever, LA Riots to name a few).  And dude from designer drugs was there (the one with the haircut).

So what's changed for the Beetroots since their breakout tour with Mstrkrft in 07?  Well, they are now officially busy as fuck.  They've been doing tours for Deisel, been to Japan, and are working on a top secret album (they said its late and hope to be done by february) with some serious collaborators.  I've heard some stuff, and producer Bob Rifo is taking the sound to new poppy levels.  Its not all distortion and ducking anymore folks.

Strangely enough while searching "Bob Rifo" I found this unexplained video:

But you know, having been to Italy it only makes sense. they have equal love for punk/ indie rock and electro. the marilyn manson vibe is kind of odd, but hey, these guys wear masks anyway so it all makes sense. 

Bloody Beetroots - We Are From Venice

also check out this interview over at trashmenagerie which may help explain this video.

Also, Bob Rifo is max martin-ing the scene out there in Italy.  Check out his boys Congorock (on the fist of god tour with mstrkft) and the little known Cecile.

LaMano Mia - Cecile and Bloody Beetroots Remix Instrumental

ps i took that picture at the show with my phone.


Cupcake Mafia said...

umm, why aren't you dropping MY name? i was there.
ps: i'm totally checking out your blog finally.
pps: bob rifo is not kinky at all.

Air Jared said...

oh yeah and uhh, this cool girl was there and she knows more than me about electro