Thursday, October 9, 2008


Yayyyyy!!!! Fuck what you heard, Kap10Kurt is the coolest dude.  And he's going on a major tour opening for Yelle in the states.  I happen to be on the Plant Music  mailing list (label run by The Glass) for receiving free tracks, and they sent me Kurt's new single "Mission Complete."  Too bad they said no blogging, or I'd totally post that shit. Its freakin dope, with remixes by TEPR, Moulinex, and Dolby Anol.

You may remember his past ep "Dangerseekers" with this amazing video:

Apparently this was done by the same people that did that Daft Punk video of the same style. All i can say is, if voltron forms like this i want to be the head.

Now everything may look just perfect for kurt what with his amazing talent and products, but no show is without drama, and Kurt's is no exception.  You see Leah, the drummer of this electro duo is also the ex drummer for the Ravonettes and the NEW drummer for BRMC. Damn. So now Kurt has to find a new Meg to play to his Keytar Jack White.  We are all wondering who its gonna be.......and whoever it is they must be good cause he was saying the other night how expensive the tour is going to be...

Dangerseekers (Shinichi Osawa Edit)

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