Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Britney Spears - Womanizer

After leaving too many comments at OhhCrapp.net i guess i've just decided to repost.  But here's a little more info:  the song was produced by a production team out of Atlanta called the Outsyders
It definitely has the sound of some of her previous hits like Radar, Gimme More, and to a lesser degree Toxic, which to me says Bloodshy and Avant.  I have a feeling some of the current brit dream team (bloodshy & avant, danja, dr. luke-[i kissed a girl!!!] to name a few) still have some sway over her material, if only stylistically.
And on a more personal note, Purple Crush did a silly little interpolation of Bloodshy and Avant produced song "Piece of Me" called Beef with Me (youtube).  It was all fun and games till an interviewer on swedish top 40 radio brought it up to us whilest on tour.  Damn artistic skeletons in the closet.

Monday, September 29, 2008

Zo! and Tigallo: Love the 80's....

Ok, anyone who knows me knows i love the 80's. I have even been quoted as saying electronic sequencing and songwriting were perfected in the 80's.  Sampling is a different story, but thats a topic for another post.
These guys right here, Zo! and Tigallo, might possibly agree with me.  On their EP "Love the 80's," they actually have the balls and ability to redo those songs that haunt you in the back of your mind every now and then when you feel like you may be walking on sunshine. Imagine if Slum Village or Sa-Ra Collective joined forces with Toto .  Its like i didn't know i wanted to hear it this way but i totally do.
So having found this CD in the back seat of an A&R person's car, i had to do a little research. Turns out the singer (Tigallo) is Phonte from  Little Brother. And Zo! is a producer from detroit which rhymes with on point, which he is.  btw these guys have been blogged before so check it: 2dopeboyz

Bonus check out an audio inerview with them (2dopeboyz.com)

Laidback Luke

I was recently told I could be booked on a certain DJ gig if I didn't play so much blog house crap.  Fine. So what do i do?  I find these two big room house remixes by Laidback Luke and play them instead. (320!)
Cindy Lauper - Into The Nightlife - Laidback Luke Remix


Ce Ce Peniston - Finally (Laidback Luke Booty Mix)


Friday, September 26, 2008


Sometimes there are secrets so dark, so unimaginably horrifying that someone would be better off bathing in a bunch of post St. Patricks Day NYC street sludge than give it away. Believe me, I know. Why? you ask. Well, it's because I know who at least one of the members of Meterhead is and there is no way in hell that i'm going to tell you. Period, end of story.

Now that that's out of the way, what I can say is this: Meterhead is awesome, from LA, and has a meter for a head. Oh yeah- and this tune samples Def Leppard, so put on your spandex shorts, comb your rebelliously long hair, and Let it go!

Meterhead - Let It Go


Here's a tune that's been around for a very very long time (translate: July), but the sickness is still very strong with this one. Mothafuckas say: "Wes-side-side-side-side-side..."

Meterhead - Get Down (WESTSIDE MIX)


Dangerously close to being a mashup, but defintiely not dangerously far from being badass.

Meterhead - Space Rakim


Thursday, September 25, 2008

Katy Perry - The Remixes

I've been writing a song called "I Kissed a Squirrel." Imagine my disappointment when the mega hit "I Kissed a Girl" blew up round the world.  Of course my first reaction was that this young punky brewster Katy Perry swallowed a magic Matrix-like jagged little pill and transformed herself into a doe-eyed autotuned pop cyborg capable of implanting a catchy hook in anyone's brain.
Well, i guess that matrix pill would be a red one cause even though she claims she's not a typical christian (she's done lots of bad things!!!) you can almost see an "i voted for mccain and i liked it" button pinned to her breast.
So, for the dj's, here's a zip file (including the accapella) of playable remixes (320) of this track so you can please the clientele that may request such. 

I Kissed A Girl (Main)
I Kissed A Girl (Eddie Baez Remix)
I Kissed A Girl (Scotty K. Remix)
I Kissed A Girl (Jason Nevins Remix)
I Kissed A Girl (Accapella)
I Kissed A Girl (Hot Pink Delorean remix)

Mystical Creatures #1

High in the clouds above our earthly view, there lives a horse with wings, beautiful hair, a sweet-ass hypercolor tattoo, and the ablity to shoot lasers out of his eyes. This Pegasus is my homeboy, Peggy, and he's given me a few tracks to share with you on this fine thursday.

Peggy's Picks:

Peggy: Neeerrhrhrhhrhh. Even though this track is a bit on the "douche" side of the electronic music spectrum, the bassline that kicks in at 1:00 is so badass it will make even the most self-conscious, scarf wearing hipster, shake an ass like a one-legged leprechaun.

Wolfgang Gartner - Get It


Peggy: Five words: Mr. Oizo Kicks Mega Ass! Plus, after listening the Crookers version in like every mixtape this year, it's really nice to hear another take on the track.

Busy P - To Protect and Entertain (Mr Oizo Remix)


Peggy: This track has been a favorite at all the raves we've been having up here in the sky lately. The subtle backwards hihat make me want to do the running man and the breakdown is epic in the most epic sense of the word. Nehheehhehhharahhahhhhhh...

Digitalism - Idealistic (A-Trak remix)


Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Sex in Dallas

Sex in Dallas. Their label Kitty-Yo describes them as 3 electro-slackers, which is obviously a front for 3 people who work really hard but try and act like they don't.  Not fooling me, S.I.D. hmm...S.I.D... Could that be a reference to the famed SID chip responsible for the 8 bit sounds lodged deep in the brain of anyone who touched a computer in the 80s or listened to Crystal Castles in the last few months?  Knowing the general smart-assness of the electro scene I'm going to have to say YES.  Well, then SID i figured out your little joke so, you can kiss my wavetable!!
Anyhoo, more importantly SID's music is something I actually listen to for fun.  I consider it the logical musical extension of a little movement called electroclash. In fact, they have a track featuring Khan, who was one of the first artists I ever knew of during the heady, pre-dsl days of indie electro in Brooklyn.  Check these guys out on their Virb page. it will tell you everything you want to know including who Biladoll is.  Its way more informative than crappy myspizz..... 

Chicago (Feat. Khan) - Sex in Dallas feat. Biladoll & Khan


Grand Opening - Sex in Dallas feat. Biladoll


Tuesday, September 23, 2008


This is an exciting week for us....launching our label's blog, and releasing our first artist, Mike Genius. Mike has been in the Crush family for a long time (vintage photos to come another day) His electronic music has always been my favorite to twirl around, leap and bust nutz to. To celebrate this release we are giving away 2 tracks of ravey goodness....For those of you in New York, be sure to come out to the release party Oct 1st at Arlo and Esne's.....and don't forget to check this blog daily. Air Jared, Mike Genius and i will be posting all kinds of juiciness every day....now go buy his album!!!

iTunes link
Turntable Lab Link

Rock And/Or Roll - Mike Genius


Bob Dob - Mike Genius