Monday, October 6, 2008

Morgan Geist

I have a feeling this is one guy i wouldn't want to get in a musical argument with.  He just has this look about him that makes me think he knows his shit.  And Metro Area was one of my biggest influences round bout 2002, so mad respect.
Like many of us I have been waiting for some new stuff from him.... 2008 is the year.  He's released a brilliant full length called Double Nite Time (itunes) as well as a Carl Craig remix single track Detroit (itunes) (beatport). Expect a Fabric mixtape in November. 
His biography is fully available to anyone who wants to know (NJ native), and he started his own label in 1995 called Environ.  He and Metro Area are currently on tour in Australia, so holler if yr down under. ps he sings on most of the tracks on his new album which is nice. If you are like me you need some stuff to listen to in between the pumping sidechain action that is blog house.  Welcome to your new chill out record.

Morgan Geist - Detroit


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