Monday, October 27, 2008

krissy sell out's cmj coverage part 2.

cmj friday: i went all the way to newark airport to pick up pharrell, and it was... jersey. we went to 205 (palms out sound sparty), where there was hassling at the door and an ice cream truck outside. lots of new york scene people in attendance... thanks to aaron ( for getting pharrell in. the basement was dank and smelled like an armpit, but people were going nuts. we left around the time i heard that rap song about clubbing in LA and bizzee pee. jumped a cab to soulwax @ irving with the vanilla ice t girls, and of course the list we were on didn't exist. bought tickets, found louisahh (thanks for helping with the backstage pass maneuvering), drank a lot of vodka. we went back to 205, found out our drink tickets were redeemable for cans of budweiser, so we bailed.

cmj saturday: skipped the fader magazine party because it was raining, but saw gio ( and hot pink delorean walking around soho. the iheartcomix party in williamsburg was 7-4, pharrell and i went at about 8:15, and found lauren flax djing to... literally no one. every bouncer at williamsburg music hall is a raging dick head (they made us stand in the rain, hassled us about the guest list, the backstage guy talked shit about me in front of me, they refused to let us back in). we walked in the rain to find frankie, frankie chan found us, and had to get some one to let us back in. i met toxic avenger, who is cool saw lyle from shout out out out outs for the first time in a minute and we left with joee irwin ( during their set to find the teenagers a few blocks away. the teenagers weren't there yet, my boots got soaking wet, along with the rest of me. we then got hot dogs and sat around LOVE club for 2 hours bored until pharrell ( played to a dissipating crowd. bryanna came through, and we got to see jeff ( for the first time all week which was awesome (sans rain hair photos). he told me the teenagers were outside asking for bronques, and i went out to get them in but they were gone. crazy enough the next morning when checking out of the hotel, the elevator doors open and who do we see? the fucking teenagers checking out as well. 

it was a long week and i was quite exhausted yesterday, not to mention sad that it was over and everyone left nyc. thanks to any one who listed me (or my friends), got me backstage, or gave me drinks. thanks to everyone who came to LOVE saturday, you're the coolest.

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