Saturday, October 18, 2008

One Year

Today is Purple Crush's 1st wedding anniversary. Paper, they call it. So if you want to get gifts the traditional way, they have to be made out of paper. Basically what they are saying by this is after 1 year you still need cash.

Last night we went up to a couple's apartment who design and make clothes. they are also musicians. While picking out some pairs of custom hammer pants for our upcoming tour, they told us they had started making music together too. She wanted to know how we do it, and if we fight.

well let me answer this once and for all: hell yes we fight. all the time. we tell each other to fuck off daily. because when you are married to someone, you don't have to hide shit. in fact hiding shit is the opposite of marriage. Let it be known...Purple Crush doesn't hide shit from each other (in case you have any plans of telling me a secret).

She also said they were going to keep it a secret that they are together as a couple for their musical act and what we thought of that. I am totally fine with that. All the couples out there that make music do it your way. Pretend you are siblings pretend you are divorced, keep it hidden, kiss on stage, pretend you are gay, if you are gay pretend you are straight. whatever. For us, at this point, the artistic statement is that Life is Art and Art is Life, and we try to keep it real.

keep in mind though, as isla says, what happens on the dance floor stays on the dance floor....

Purple Crush - Marry Me

Purple Crush - Bout 2 Bust