Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Mike Genius Release Party, Girls and Boys, Famous Friends, The Black Kids

I live in NYC. Well, Brooklyn to be exact.  Off the A train deep in.  So sometimes you have to figure out if its worth it to go out at night.  Last night, went out to see some fam dj in the west village.  Getting there? a bitch.  Getting home? End up witnessing the mother of all girl fights waiting for the train.  I'm talking 2 chicks fighting over another other chick.  I'm talking a big ass dyke causing major damage to a J*Davey looking skinny girl over another girl in a sundress (its october mind u).

I'm talking some asian guy trying to help out by hitting the big girl over the head with a frying pan he was carrying, to no effect.  I'm talking blood, alot of it. Cell phones and wallets (and frying pans) kicked into the track.  And it just didn't stop till the cops came and we got on the train.

But enough of that.  Tonight will be better because its going to be an insane party at Arlo & Esme's for the Famous Friends Girls and Boys Party with Mike Genius (his release party!!!), Purple Crush (DJ set),  and The Black Kids DJ set. RSVP at and bring your frying pan for the ride home.


Welikeit.indie said...

man.. I wish I lived in NYC! That's going to be an awesome show!

Bradley D! said...

I enjoy this party. I enjoy this blog. I enjoy your writing style. More unicorns please!

Air Jared said...

a memo has been sent to the appropriate authorities:

more unicorns please.

Bradley D! said...

Fun times last night! That Mike Genius remix of Yello is off the bike chain!!

Sorry I didn't get a chance to hear the rest of your story :( Too late for me! I'm getting old!! :P

Air Jared said...

hahah bike chain indeed