Sunday, October 12, 2008

AC Slater - Jack Got Jacked

AC Slater, like Drop the Lime, is a dude i am happy to associate with. Defining brooklyn electro and giving NYC something to brag about once again (finally!). Get ready to hear from his whole crew: B. Rich and the irascible Udachi. A nod to Haldan/Boody B and Palms Out Sounds is due for putting him out and blowing him up.

PS. AC if you are reading this sorry for posting your track but the internets want moar.

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Jack Got Jacked EP - Juno Download
Purple Crush Shopping Remix EP - Juno Download

Shopping on the Dancefloor (AC Slater Remix)

AC Slater - Jack Got Jacked


Haldan / Boody B said...

yaya!!!! love yall just got back in town we need to hang

Air Jared said...

coming on tues?