Tuesday, October 14, 2008

The Pull Out Method - Beauty Bar NYC

Did you know there are Beauty Bars all across the states? I personally have been to (and played at) the ones in LA, Austin, and Las Vegas. This will be the first time I ever set foot in the NYC location which is reportedly the HQ.

If you have ever read this blog you already know Purple Crush and Mike Genius, but you may not know who Ladybox is:

Thats them there. They are whats known as a Girl DJ Duo Who Are From Somewhere Exotic Like Denmark. They may hate me for saying that but i am an American Boy™.

Irony aside, Rita and Lei are about the coolest people ever. They are excellent dj's (dead serious) and interesting producers as well. They are also Xtremely Involved with the Art Rebels, an All Girl Artist Collective® out of Copenhagen. Sick ass shit.

They are also fam with Boody B from Palmsout, the Fagget Fairies (of Samo Ti fame), and Copyfokking.

No VIP - ladybox & jens fokking.mp3

Samo Ti (3IAC Ya Mix).mp3

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