Friday, November 28, 2008

D.I.M. Webster Hall

Let me just start by saying this: don't bother going to see Switch dj. It generally doesn't happen. I think i've tried 3 times to see him dj and for one reason or another it just didn't go down. This gig at Webhall was no different. But I think it kinda worked out because to the uneducated D.I.M basically is Switch: bald, white, european and dropping tons of electro bangers.

Apparently Switch bailed after getting paid and before his set, leaving AC Slater to finish out the night for 3 hours. D.I.M.'s set was pretty ok, the crowd seemed to enjoy it although personally i'm getting a little tired of sets that could be taken directly from hypemachine's most blogged tracks of 2006.

Saturday, November 22, 2008


Norrit is dope.  He is also known as Iggy Baby from Lawrence Kansas.  We met this dude round bout 2006 at one of the worst gigs we have ever played.  There was no one there save the promoter, his girl, a crackhead and Norrit, who was djing off of some old ass virtual dj demo program on his windows-98-running-laptop.

Obviously he was cool as hell and way up on his electroclash.  didn't think about him for a few years until Haldan from palms out showed us his myspace and informed us he was putting this mystery dude out on his label (not this release).

He has a kick ass style and really puts some personality into his remixes and originals...Of course we jumped on that bandwagon ASAP and asked him to remix a track of ours (turns out he already did but we wanted moar!) 

here's a free track from his ep:

1. boo and boo too - no tempo (norrit remix)
2. nomathmatics - prozactro (norrit keeps it mnml mix)
3. ssion - street jizz (norrit's feels dirty bootleg mix)
4. johnny moog - fantastic lover (norrit remix)
5. norrit feat royce diamond - move
6. pirate robot midget - it's my beat now (riva starr remix)
7. oh snap - hi top fade (hostage remix)
8. foamo - everything cool
9. tom eq - the beginning
10. fake blood - mars
11. curses! - what i need (sharkslayer remix)
12. purple crush - get busy boys (norrit remix)
13. claire rayners - nobody baby
14. norrit featuring queen bea - don't leave me this way

to buy this ep:

to buy the Norrit Busy Boys Remix (Purple Crush):

And Super Bonus: Norrit's 2many Hypebeasts remix

Monday, November 17, 2008

Night out in Brooklyn, Udachi, Kap10Kurt

The other night we went out and kicked it in Brooklyn. Specifically Williamsburg and Greenpoint. Even more specifically, Trouble & Bass at Public Assembly, and then Famous Friends at Europa.

I think this video sums up what went down. I was glad to capture to video two of my favorite artists on the scene right now....Udachi and Kap10Kurt......

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Vice Day #3....

come day 3, we were joined by the highly energetic drums of death....lets just say there was a whole lotta personality on this tour....

interviews to come (once my shoulder recovers from all this editing!)

Monday, November 10, 2008

the disco itch....

nothing like searching deep within the depths of youtube to find random videos of songs you thought had disappeared...

Sunday, November 9, 2008

Vice Day #2....

the theme for this episode.....bitch, you're breakfast. we couldnt stop singing the song the entire time and yet it became so much more than a just a song, it was a lifestyle.

....featuring "Breakfast" (mercury remix) - Le Le....

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Vice Magazine Germany Day #1....

it's just the beginning....each show falls deeper into the black hole of emo club, and the days reveal intricate personalities. in this episode, we start at the train station and end with jazz hands....

Vice Magazine Germany Day #1 from Air Jared on Vimeo.

watch this on youtube

Even Busier Boys

Busy Boys. Perhaps you've seen the video. Perhaps you've wondered what it all means. Perhaps you are the one who left a comment on discobelle wondering what drugs we were on when we made it.

Well, to answer you're question: it was a heady combination of high altitude mountain air and finely ground sea salt. Of course, we were freebasing this air-salt combination with a dirty little technique called deep breathing. Please don't try this on your own. its dangerous.

But Busy Boys is about much more than getting cranked up on rock (salt). Its about hustling. its about making something more out of something less. In short, its about the American Dream.

In our travels round the world we have been out there collecting the dopest remixes the european electro underground has to offer just to prove our point. So it is with great pleasure that I drop the original busy boys track and a remix by one of the dukes of the emerging copenhagen ghetto rave scene, jens fokking (of copyfokking).....we'll be teasing you with 192s of the ep gearing up for the release date, November 18th....

Busy Boys (Original Mix)

Busy Boys (Jens Fokking Remix)

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Purple Tour 4 - 2 days in Berlin

We start off drinking coffee with Ben Mono at a cafe that the locals swear all u have to do to be discovered is sit there. Then we move on to an interview on Berlin Radio Fritz with the venerable Shir Khan interviewing and translating to 40,000 german listeners. CLP was there with us and it was cool to meet them...

Then we go to the Levi's Unbuttoned tour featuring Steve Aoki. Wow. So controversial, but if you watch to the end you'll see what we think about him.

Monday, November 3, 2008

we're home!!!!

omg, there's soooo much footage to edit.....last day in berlin, vice mag tour, and exclusive interviews with drop the lime, miss odd kid, drums of death, shir khan, ben mono, and stop making me.....

to express how we feel to be back in brooklyn, i give this video starring the man who has come to new york to remind us of the funk, jimmy edgar (remix of purple crush's "get digital" by edgar cometh soon)....