Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Purple Tour - Shopping for Leotards

As you may or may not know, Purple Crush is getting ready to go on a little tour....So what do we need to do?

Go shopping for the dancefloor of course! These leotards don't buy themselves people. So thanks to the Flip Video camera, you will now see what we see, and hear what we hear. The reality show has begun.

OCTOBER 24 - Le Showcase (Paris, France)

OCTOBER 25 - Villa (Berlin, Germany)

OCTOBER 30 - Vice Tour Germany Cologne

OCTOBER 31 - Vice Tour Germany Frankfurt

NOVEMBER 1 - Vice Tour Germany Munich


frank said...

really looking forward to seeing you on saturday - after that fabulous night at magnet club two (?) months back .. ! :-)

Air Jared said...

whoo hoo!

frank said...


Anonymous said...

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dance said...

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