Friday, October 3, 2008

the pop bitch's corner, "top friends...."

its been a busy week over here at the crushed community: a new blog, mike g's release and subsequent release party (go by his ep at turntable lab!!!), learning final cut pro for the "busy boys" video, gathering the remixes for the "busy boys" and "get digital" remix eps, and with everything going on in the world, i feel like my heads gonna explode....

to start, sarah "witch huntin" palin (go hide the crystals!) is using her "re-programming" on the minds of amerrricans and its....terrifying.

the government owns the stock market, and myspace is not in our top friends anymore. im sure you all know by now that myspace is set to become a digital distribution outlet for the major labels...and when the new music players arrived last week (on the day mercury went into retrograde, mind you) everyone's plays disappeared. one by one, artists with major deals and millions of plays got their pages in order long before the little guys.

it makes sense, scratch the backs of those you'll be making the most money say goodbye to the outlet that jump started DIY careers and revolutionized the music industry, and expect pop-up adds for the jonas brothers and all kinds of perks out of reach to the independents. you may have noticed that this week everyone got a 2-6000 play bump....hmmm, reminds me of the $600 tax rebate some people got....but the pop bitch warry, be veeerrrry warrry. its like the 700 billion dollar buy out. it may seem like things get better cause gas will get cheaper and the dollar will rise, but things are going on at a very deep, very hidden level, that will, no doubt, fuck you and me in the ass somehow.

its time to move away from myspace. word on the streets here in NY say that local heroes are working on a solution, the new outlet, word on that go start a blog and rebuild that website...

on that note, i leave you with a purple crush remix of "top friends", a track by the machine drum produced artist, gidget sparks.....i think i sound like roxy cottontail on my verse......holler!

"top friends" - gidget sparks (purple crush remix)

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