Thursday, October 30, 2008

Mike Genius: Inner Child Mix

This one goes out to the kids. You know who you are, cause you're not yet an adult.

Mike Genius: Inner Child Mix

1. Purple Crush - Busy Boys (Original Mix)
2. Bjork - Dull Flame Of Desire (Modeselektor Remix For Boys)
3. Mike Genius - Flying Saucer Tai Chi (Original Mix)
4. Housemeister - What You Want (Siriusmo Remix)
5. WZRDZ - Woodland Creature House Party (Original Mix)
6. Modeselektor ft. Thom Yorke - The White Flash (Trentemøller Remix)
7. Radiohead - Reckoner (Mike Genius Rubber Remix)
8. CSS - Move (Metronomy Remix)
9. Yello - Oh Yeah (Mike Genius Remix)
10. Mr. Oizo - Gay Dentist (Original Mix)
11. His Majesty Andre - Peep Thong (Original Mix)
12. Buy Now - Body Crash (Chewy Chocolate Cookies Remix)
13. Proxy - Destroy (Original Mix)
14. Lucy Love - No VIP (Kun Os & Fidel Astro Remix)
15. A-Trak - Say Whoa (Original Mix)
16. The Cars - Let The Good Times Roll (Mike Genius Remix)
17. Depeche Mode - Personal Jesus (Dirty South Remix)

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Tour Blog 3 : Berlin and Blog Haus

Berlin is amazing. They really love their techno. In fact they invented it. And don't try to say it came from detroit cause they'll put you on the first train to whatever border is closer and let you stew in your own american juices until you finally admit you were wrong and kraftwerk was right. sorry that's just the way it is. I almost learned the hard way.

But the one thing they really don't know about is Blog House. Blog Haus? Blog house (maximal). Thats why we had to come here and show em whats what, american style. And if you are just crawling out from under a rock where you were living with your minimal dj roomate than you simply must watch this video.

Also featuring Jake the Rapper, Leo, Tree, and some partiers

Songs featured:
Sweat.X - Jack (purple crush remix)
Absynth Bass - WZRDZ (Crushed Records)
Shopping on the Dancefloor
Physical Attraction
Zero - Le Castlevania
Jack got Jacked Jack Beats Remix - AC Slater
Courtship Dating (J-La bootleg remix) - Crystal Castles

Monday, October 27, 2008

krissy sell out's cmj coverage part 2.

cmj friday: i went all the way to newark airport to pick up pharrell, and it was... jersey. we went to 205 (palms out sound sparty), where there was hassling at the door and an ice cream truck outside. lots of new york scene people in attendance... thanks to aaron ( for getting pharrell in. the basement was dank and smelled like an armpit, but people were going nuts. we left around the time i heard that rap song about clubbing in LA and bizzee pee. jumped a cab to soulwax @ irving with the vanilla ice t girls, and of course the list we were on didn't exist. bought tickets, found louisahh (thanks for helping with the backstage pass maneuvering), drank a lot of vodka. we went back to 205, found out our drink tickets were redeemable for cans of budweiser, so we bailed.

cmj saturday: skipped the fader magazine party because it was raining, but saw gio ( and hot pink delorean walking around soho. the iheartcomix party in williamsburg was 7-4, pharrell and i went at about 8:15, and found lauren flax djing to... literally no one. every bouncer at williamsburg music hall is a raging dick head (they made us stand in the rain, hassled us about the guest list, the backstage guy talked shit about me in front of me, they refused to let us back in). we walked in the rain to find frankie, frankie chan found us, and had to get some one to let us back in. i met toxic avenger, who is cool saw lyle from shout out out out outs for the first time in a minute and we left with joee irwin ( during their set to find the teenagers a few blocks away. the teenagers weren't there yet, my boots got soaking wet, along with the rest of me. we then got hot dogs and sat around LOVE club for 2 hours bored until pharrell ( played to a dissipating crowd. bryanna came through, and we got to see jeff ( for the first time all week which was awesome (sans rain hair photos). he told me the teenagers were outside asking for bronques, and i went out to get them in but they were gone. crazy enough the next morning when checking out of the hotel, the elevator doors open and who do we see? the fucking teenagers checking out as well. 

it was a long week and i was quite exhausted yesterday, not to mention sad that it was over and everyone left nyc. thanks to any one who listed me (or my friends), got me backstage, or gave me drinks. thanks to everyone who came to LOVE saturday, you're the coolest.

Tour Blog 2 : Show in Paris

Paris is a lovely town known for its tower, food, and elitism. It may also be known to some as the birth place of the modern illuminati in 1776 (the date inscribed on the tablet held by the statue of liberty, a gift to the US from France).

We did a show there at a beautiful club called Le Showcase. A very interesting night full of conversation and disco. Isla gave the crowd a choice: disco or electro rap. you could almost cut the indecision with a knife.....

To that end we debuted a song we've only made a demo for: NYCBG. to find out what that stands for you have to watch the video.

Sunday, October 26, 2008

NY 2 Paris

Here's how you get from New York to Paris in 3 and a half minutes.

Friday, October 24, 2008

Mixtape from Berlin - Finckobot Rock

Finckobot is a real DJ. He showed me his cd collection of electro and it was the size of 4 laptops on top of each other. then he showed me his rock cd collection and it was literally a suitcase.

He kicks it in berlin, or as they say in the blogosphere check out that tracklist! wicked.

Finckobot Mix for Sonett77 October 2008

Mike Genius - Bob Dob / Crushed
Bumblebeez - Zulu (Radioclit Remix) / CD-R
A-Trak - Say Whoa / Kitsuné
Moston & Malente - Do The Right Thing (Alternative Mix) / Splank! Rec.
MSTRKRFT - Bounce feat. Nore (Felix Cartal Remix) / Dim Mak
Action Man - Under Your Skin / Cheap Thrills
Le Corps Mince De Francoise - Ray-Ban Glasses (Les Gillettes No Shame Remix) / New Judas
Style Of Eye - Clown / Pickadoll
Zombie Disco Squad - Hit Me With The Horns / Zombie Disco Squad
Little Boots - Meddle (Toddla T Remix) / CD-R
EPMD - Run It (Duke Dumont Remix) / Scion
Skream - Auto-Dub / Tempa
Rusko - Jahova / Sub Soldiers
The Count & Sinden feat. NY - Fool In Love / Domino
Chase & Status - Smash TV / Ram
Roots Manuva - Do Nah Bodda Mi (feat. Mr. Versatile) / Big Dada
Black Finger - Up Middle Finger (Heavyfeet Remix) / CD-R
Evil Nine - They Live! (Trevor Loveys Remix) / Marine Parade
Headshotboyz - Exodus (Bryan Cox Remix) / Crux
Outlander - The Vamp / R & S Records
Congorock - Hybro / CD-R
Crookers - Sveglia (Oh Snap!! Booty Alarm Mix) / CD-R
Tommie Sunshine - Limit Of Your Mind (Nic Sarno Remix) / Alphabet City
Kidda - Under The Sun (Herve's Ain't No Sunshine Remix) / Skint
Scott Cooper & Andy George - Piano Man / Potty Mouth
Hook N Sling - The Best Thing (Tonite Only Remix) / Hussle Recordings
The Presets - Talk Like That (Jence Remix) / Modular
Little Boots - Stuck On Repeat (Fake Blood Remix) / CD-R
Sebastien Tellier - L'amour Et La Violence (Boys Noize Remix) / Record Makers

Kris E. Sell Out's Summation of CMJ Thus Far.

isla and jared are now in europe doing something cooler than you are doing. i have been asked to post to this blog in their absence. i accept. normally i would just post mp3s but apparently this blog is now on the radar, so i would have to get permission for each file (i know right?).

cmj sunday: dim mak party with steve aoki, and some other guys. stretch armstrong or tittsworth or both... first official party of cmj... didn't go. RSVP'd and completely forgot, even though i was 3 blocks away. but i heard it was lame (hey, sorry guys, but i'm relaying hearsay).

cmj tuesday: first official day of cmj. i went to ella to see cindy kim, roxy cottontail, and some other girl dj. it's a very cool venue, and roxy didn't play a bunch of b-more shit. it was chill and fun and i danced with arthur baker and bryanna and some total strangers. then went to happy endings, which was lame, as usual. i hate on happy endings so bad, and always from the sidewalk in front of happy endings. prince terrance, frankie chan, bryanna (aka bb fruit boots), unemployed lloyd, and some other people took me to a party that didn't happen. it was frankie's birthday, funny shit ensued.

cmj wednesday: i started the night with annex, since it's closest to the train. saw igor ( in the station, walked over. i got there at midnight and nothing was happening. terrance was spinning dance rock downstairs, upstairs was empty. dimitry started spinning daft punk and shit upstairs while like 4 dudes yelled random shit into the mics with an echo. still no performance come 1:15, so bryanna, sean roberts, a cute asian girl from LA, and i bounced to bar13. it was a long cold ass walk and smoking was the only solace (thanks sean!). we walked in and hervé "cheap thrills" was being dropped. we took this as a sign that our night was only getting better. crystal castles was djing...
i saw kap10kurt for the one night he will be here for cmj, and i'm glad i did because he is by far the coolest person in the city. we took turns mimicking the dude from crystal castles' aloof and distant pout as he spun. i heard some shit talk about them from a dozen different people, but i thought the dj set was pretty bangin. the dude AFTER crystal castles (whoever you are, you rule) was awe-some. sean and i bought red stripe at the deli and smuggled it in via my purse. we went back to annex in time to get huddled downstairs until 4:30 or so, and eventually everyone huddled outside scavaging for after parties, and then the cops showed up and bryanna and i dipped via alexander techniques' benz. 

cmj thursday: i went out to dinner and the only party i rolled up on tonight was the fool's gold party at webster hall. some blonde bitch hassled me even though i was on the list and being vouched for by fool's gold people. i don't even know who i saw dj, but some dude rapped and that was lame (so lame everyone in the crowd just stood there), then kid sister came out dressed like dre + sequin pants. dave 1 from chromeo was hanging out next to the decks but he didn't do anything. i sat around and played kiss kiss with people i know and people i now know. pretty boring, everyone was out by 3. 

the best things i've witnessed so far will never be blogged, but i might tell you if i see you out, because i love a good shit talk session. i haven't been impressed, but i think i'm just bored and killing time until pharrell gets here (tomorrow), and we can go to soulwax at irving. i missed the band hey champ, who were recently blogged on disco dust (google it, they're amazing). saturday is the iheartcomix party, and frankie chan's birthday party, and i'm looking forward to it. saturday is also the fluokids party at love club, and i expect you people to be in attendance because i will be (look for the chick in all black looking cooler than you are). i haven't seen jeff ( all week and this makes me sad because jeff is awesome. 

see you mother fuckers at every party for the rest of this week... feel free to buy me a drink. or candy.

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Tour Launch and New Video (Busy Boys!!!!)

Today we leave for euro - land. That means we walk 10 blocks, take a 30 minute train to the PATH train, then we take the air train, then we get on a plane. Then we take the metro in Paris to our hotel.

But screw that we got a new video and remix ep on the way! Make way for Busy Boys.

Purple Crush out.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Purple Tour - Shopping for Leotards

As you may or may not know, Purple Crush is getting ready to go on a little tour....So what do we need to do?

Go shopping for the dancefloor of course! These leotards don't buy themselves people. So thanks to the Flip Video camera, you will now see what we see, and hear what we hear. The reality show has begun.

OCTOBER 24 - Le Showcase (Paris, France)

OCTOBER 25 - Villa (Berlin, Germany)

OCTOBER 30 - Vice Tour Germany Cologne

OCTOBER 31 - Vice Tour Germany Frankfurt

NOVEMBER 1 - Vice Tour Germany Munich

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Ninjasonik - where's my ipod?

Watch This Video (new window)

So if you have been paying attention to anything at all related to the New York Streets you've heard about Ninjasonik. Over a year ago I remember walking along broadway and running into the ever charming yet hardcore Jah Jah. Isla said "You've got to start rapping. You could be the next Spank Rock!!!"

Isla is known for her prophetic statements, and it seems yet another prediction has come through. Teenwolf (DJ Producer)Rev McFly (Jah Jah), and rapper Telli Gramz are like the skater punks you always wanted to get drunk with even though their crew might rob you (if you know who has my iPod can you please tell them to at least reformat it?).

Anyhow this video is the Rap Remix version of the ground breaking "Tight Pants" video.  I would also like to take this opportunity to hype my remix of Art School Girls, another genius track that I will be blogging later on........

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Guest Post & Mixtape - Sit Down Bitch U Don't Have This

Welcome to a guest post by our friend Kris. Enjoy this mixtape. As she said, its tracks that are around the blogs but don't get much play.......highly recommended.

"hi, i’m kris: aka kris e. aka kris e. sell out aka kris von d aka luda kris aka kris the shit (if i’ve programmed my number in your phone when intoxicated).. you may or may not know who i am. but it doesn’t matter because you’re not reading this."

sit down bitch, you don’t have this // kris e says hello

miami bitch // surkin

steroids // mr. oizo (feat. uffie)

my people // the presets

i love to move in here (proxy remix) // moby

twenty thousand leagues (bag raiders remix) // midnight juggernauts

rio (hervé remix) // bumblebeez

gay dentists // mr. oizo

personal jesus (dirty south remix) // depeche mode

home zone (proxy remix) // digitalism

Download: sit down bitch, you don’t have this. no 1. - direct link

Saturday, October 18, 2008

One Year

Today is Purple Crush's 1st wedding anniversary. Paper, they call it. So if you want to get gifts the traditional way, they have to be made out of paper. Basically what they are saying by this is after 1 year you still need cash.

Last night we went up to a couple's apartment who design and make clothes. they are also musicians. While picking out some pairs of custom hammer pants for our upcoming tour, they told us they had started making music together too. She wanted to know how we do it, and if we fight.

well let me answer this once and for all: hell yes we fight. all the time. we tell each other to fuck off daily. because when you are married to someone, you don't have to hide shit. in fact hiding shit is the opposite of marriage. Let it be known...Purple Crush doesn't hide shit from each other (in case you have any plans of telling me a secret).

She also said they were going to keep it a secret that they are together as a couple for their musical act and what we thought of that. I am totally fine with that. All the couples out there that make music do it your way. Pretend you are siblings pretend you are divorced, keep it hidden, kiss on stage, pretend you are gay, if you are gay pretend you are straight. whatever. For us, at this point, the artistic statement is that Life is Art and Art is Life, and we try to keep it real.

keep in mind though, as isla says, what happens on the dance floor stays on the dance floor....

Purple Crush - Marry Me

Purple Crush - Bout 2 Bust

Friday, October 17, 2008

Shir Khan - Dj's Dj/Producer's Producer/Label Owner's Label Owner

Shir Khan has the cutest german accent. Especially when he says the word "Overcompressed." He lives in Berlin and I assume he owns the place. Or at least he is good friends with the owner. He runs Exploited Records, has a radio show, and really does some of the classiest remix work around. In fact the shopping on the dancefloor remix he did for purple crush is our best selling joint on itunes. and it was licensed to EMI Japan. word. His remix of Act Yo Age's The Flash caught my attention the other day in blog world and i realized i needed to repost.

Check out his mixes on Part 1, Part 2

Purple Crush - Shopping on the Dancefloor (Shir Khan Remix)

Act Yo Age - The Flash (Shir Khan Powerhouse Dub)

Thursday, October 16, 2008

the pop bitch laughs to keep from crying....

As im sure many of you know, Madonna's divorce from Guy was officially announced yesterday. It will no doubt get ugly, she has already mocked him from stage while on tour (grow the fuck up), and apparently there was no pre-nup (oye). In a premenstral fit of rage last night i found myself shedding a tear over this. You have to understand, when i saw her doing the splits in a teen mag in '84, i had one of those "thats what im going to be when i grow up" and ever since then i have revered her, playing close attention to every detail, maneuver, and calculation...

While i may have felt i was following her ambition, there was one big difference...i was in love, and wouldnt abandoned that for any producer, dj, or executive that could offer me success for my pussy. Now, im not going to disrespect the path she took to achieve her fame and fortune, its paved a path and created a whole new industry of pop tartlets, but at a certain point, and i think 50 years old is a good place to start, you gotta get over yourself. It just makes me sad that she is such a miserable bitch, cause i love her and want her to know love.

Anyway, on that note, i will leave you with a song off an album i discovered at Amoeba Records in LA called "Pre-Madonna". It's a collection of songs (some of which were on the demo that got her signed) that she recorded from 81-82 with Stephen Bray. The two met in college, he a jazz musician, her a dancer, moved to New York, holed up in commercial spaces and studios, recorded raw dance music, and yes, they dated (wait a minute, this sounds like Purple Crush!!!) She ditched Bray for Mark Kamins, a dj that promised her some sweet dick, and a record deal, as long as he could take credit for the production....and it worked. She and Bray didnt speak for years (i'd be pissed too), until she brought him on board to co-write "causing a commotion", "into the groove", "express yourself", and more....

Madonna - Laugh To Keep From Crying

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Radiohead - Reckoner

Now that the "Official Diplo Remix" (thx welikeit.indie) is out, Its time to hear from the rest of us.

The ever creative Mike Genius has taken his crack at it, and by the reaction of the crowd last night it is quite effective. My personal opinion is that this is the most justice - y remix mike has done. He didn't disagree.

If you like it, vote for him in the remix contest. hell if you don't like it vote anyway.

Radiohead - Reckoner (Mike Genius Rubber Remix)

Radiohead - Reckoner (Diplo Official Remix)

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

The Pull Out Method - Beauty Bar NYC

Did you know there are Beauty Bars all across the states? I personally have been to (and played at) the ones in LA, Austin, and Las Vegas. This will be the first time I ever set foot in the NYC location which is reportedly the HQ.

If you have ever read this blog you already know Purple Crush and Mike Genius, but you may not know who Ladybox is:

Thats them there. They are whats known as a Girl DJ Duo Who Are From Somewhere Exotic Like Denmark. They may hate me for saying that but i am an American Boy™.

Irony aside, Rita and Lei are about the coolest people ever. They are excellent dj's (dead serious) and interesting producers as well. They are also Xtremely Involved with the Art Rebels, an All Girl Artist Collective® out of Copenhagen. Sick ass shit.

They are also fam with Boody B from Palmsout, the Fagget Fairies (of Samo Ti fame), and Copyfokking.

No VIP - ladybox & jens fokking.mp3

Samo Ti (3IAC Ya Mix).mp3

Chromeo. We Love Them. Who doesn't?

We were contacted by to post this interview with the lovable and talented Chromeo. You won't get any new information out of this if you've been following them for any amount of time, but you will see how they interact together which is kinda priceless.

I could drop sooo many jewels about Chromeo like the time P Thugg got pissed at franki chan and the toxic avenger for throwing ice at each other a little too close to him whilst he was wearing some dope threads in Miami (something you only do once btw).

Or about the time we had a meeting at their label in London and went to the Chromeo show for the wrap up meeting (it was a wrap). That show was too insane even for them.

Or I could tell you about the many times I've been mistaken for Dave 1 (very boring). Instead I'll just post some mp3s.

Chromeo - Fancy Footwork (Block Party Remix)

Chromeo - Fancy Footwork (Acapella)

Monday, October 13, 2008

the pop bitch's corner, "sittin in a tree..."

we are less than a week away from Purple Crush's one year wedding anniversary, ("hipsters dont get married!" - Larry Tee) and i have found myself thinking alot about our love and our future baby crush's.....saturday afternoon i even described to Leif on gchat what my plan was performance wise when that day does come, somewhat like the stories we've heard of Bjork when she carried on tour with the Sugarcubes.....and then i woke the next morning to news of MIA's pregnancy. not only DO hipsters get married, but now they get PG!!! I think she looks so beautiful and happy, she is redefining hipster, but more importantly, helping to redefine what it means to be a woman. it will be a long time before the pieces of Isis get put back together, but moments like this make me hopeful. on that note, i leave you with a song by the woman who gave an audience member a heart attack as she shrieked, pregnant, on stage at the age of 18.....Bjork, from the album she recorded when she was 10 years old.

Bjork - Arabadrengurinn

Sunday, October 12, 2008

AC Slater - Jack Got Jacked

AC Slater, like Drop the Lime, is a dude i am happy to associate with. Defining brooklyn electro and giving NYC something to brag about once again (finally!). Get ready to hear from his whole crew: B. Rich and the irascible Udachi. A nod to Haldan/Boody B and Palms Out Sounds is due for putting him out and blowing him up.

PS. AC if you are reading this sorry for posting your track but the internets want moar.

Spend money here:
Jack Got Jacked EP - Juno Download
Purple Crush Shopping Remix EP - Juno Download

Shopping on the Dancefloor (AC Slater Remix)

AC Slater - Jack Got Jacked

Saturday, October 11, 2008

MSTRKRFT @ Webster Hall NYC

The stage. You can't tell from this crap-berry photo, but it was all TVs and neon, and every once in a while a back lit apple laptop and two burning cigarette tips were visable.  Oh and two canadians.

This is the VIP. They all know the words to One More Time by Daft Punk

And when Justice's D.A.N.C.E. came on they released the white beach balls.

Mas! Tur! Kraft!
Mas! Tur! Kraft!
There's something magical about a huge crowd chanting in unison especially when they WANT MORE BLOG HOUSE!!!!

Friday, October 10, 2008

Ace of Base

What is it with the swedes?  why do they have to make pop music so damn digestible?  Ace of Base is from Gothenberg, what i call the Detroit of Sweden.  Last time i was there i was wearing a hoodie with my big glasses and some drunk chick yelled "where you going grandma?" in pretty good english. zing.

But enough about me.  Ace of Base is making a comeback. Or has been since 2007.  They are planning to release their 5th studio album in 2009, and are doing a bunch of european gigs.  They have quite an interesting past, as the band was made up of two siblings and a guy who goes by Bhudda, who apparently celebrated the millennium with Bill Clinton and also expereinced the tsunami in Phuket.  Damn.

Ace of Base - Lucky Love (Frankie Knuckles Remix)

Thursday, October 9, 2008


Yayyyyy!!!! Fuck what you heard, Kap10Kurt is the coolest dude.  And he's going on a major tour opening for Yelle in the states.  I happen to be on the Plant Music  mailing list (label run by The Glass) for receiving free tracks, and they sent me Kurt's new single "Mission Complete."  Too bad they said no blogging, or I'd totally post that shit. Its freakin dope, with remixes by TEPR, Moulinex, and Dolby Anol.

You may remember his past ep "Dangerseekers" with this amazing video:

Apparently this was done by the same people that did that Daft Punk video of the same style. All i can say is, if voltron forms like this i want to be the head.

Now everything may look just perfect for kurt what with his amazing talent and products, but no show is without drama, and Kurt's is no exception.  You see Leah, the drummer of this electro duo is also the ex drummer for the Ravonettes and the NEW drummer for BRMC. Damn. So now Kurt has to find a new Meg to play to his Keytar Jack White.  We are all wondering who its gonna be.......and whoever it is they must be good cause he was saying the other night how expensive the tour is going to be...

Dangerseekers (Shinichi Osawa Edit)

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

C U on Tuesday = Udachi, Neon Ceyote, Estaw

Santos Party House was gonna be called Santa's Party House, or Santa's Workshop, or something like that.  It took maybe five years or so to get that show on the road, and in the beginning they were so psyched they made shirts.  I only know this cause my ex rooomate was using said shirt as a pillowcase.
I went there last night to see the C U on Tuesday party featuring my boy Estaw, Udachi, Neon Coyote and others.  do you want me to tell u my opinion of each? well i'm going to anyway:

This is neon coyote or maybe 1/2 half of.  As he was djing i remarked to my friend: "this is the sound of a hipster staring into his laptop. and i like it."


my pic of Estaw came out like shit so here's the crowd during his set which was a cool mix of blog house and euro hip hop with excellent cdj scratching. Estaw is from amsterdam and he doesnt smoke weed. so typical.

Estaw - Break it Down (Herve's Spitfire Mix).mp3)

Estaw - Weird All.mp3

I think my fav was udachi.  he unapologetically bashed the club's head in with uptempo rave out techno.  Isla even had to get on the mic to get a piece of that action.

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Sally Shapiro

Sally Shapiro is not this person's real name.  The only name we have to go on when speaking of Sally Shapiro is Johan Agebjörn, the songwriter and producer of this group.  This cute swedish face is part of a formula developed and perfected in the 80's, something like a situation Giorgio Moroder (u must watch this) might have dreamed up.  But don't take my word for it. Here's what the producer himself has to say: 

“I chose [the name] Sally Shapiro because we were inspired by artists like Valerie Dore and Katy Gray, who also had a team of producers and writers behind them using the name of a singer as the title for the project” (source)

Damn he makes the tracks, writes the songs and gets to name the group?  This sounds more like the 50's than the 80's!  But you know what?  It's working.  Check out her label Paper Bag Records as well. Oh, and if you want to buy stuff try here.

Sally Shapiro - My Fantasy

Monday, October 6, 2008

Morgan Geist

I have a feeling this is one guy i wouldn't want to get in a musical argument with.  He just has this look about him that makes me think he knows his shit.  And Metro Area was one of my biggest influences round bout 2002, so mad respect.
Like many of us I have been waiting for some new stuff from him.... 2008 is the year.  He's released a brilliant full length called Double Nite Time (itunes) as well as a Carl Craig remix single track Detroit (itunes) (beatport). Expect a Fabric mixtape in November. 
His biography is fully available to anyone who wants to know (NJ native), and he started his own label in 1995 called Environ.  He and Metro Area are currently on tour in Australia, so holler if yr down under. ps he sings on most of the tracks on his new album which is nice. If you are like me you need some stuff to listen to in between the pumping sidechain action that is blog house.  Welcome to your new chill out record.

Morgan Geist - Detroit


Sunday, October 5, 2008


Velocifero means "bringer of speed."  It is also the name of a scooter.  How euro.  This song is dope as is the video.  Please enjoy these downloads and note that the other single for the record, "Black Cat," is sung entirely in Bulgarian.

Saturday, October 4, 2008

Bloody Beetroots @ Webster Hall

So let me start this off by saying I know the Bloody Beetroots personally.  I have even kicked it with them in Italy.  But even if i didn't know them i probably still would have gotten on my bike and rode all the way from bedstuy to webster hall in the east village.  Yes, i crossed the williamsburg bridge on my bmx for the bloody beetroots.

And you know what?  it was worth it.  I even saw some bloggers there!  And the usual suspects from AM only management (they book for treasure fingers, felix cartal, klever, LA Riots to name a few).  And dude from designer drugs was there (the one with the haircut).

So what's changed for the Beetroots since their breakout tour with Mstrkrft in 07?  Well, they are now officially busy as fuck.  They've been doing tours for Deisel, been to Japan, and are working on a top secret album (they said its late and hope to be done by february) with some serious collaborators.  I've heard some stuff, and producer Bob Rifo is taking the sound to new poppy levels.  Its not all distortion and ducking anymore folks.

Strangely enough while searching "Bob Rifo" I found this unexplained video:

But you know, having been to Italy it only makes sense. they have equal love for punk/ indie rock and electro. the marilyn manson vibe is kind of odd, but hey, these guys wear masks anyway so it all makes sense. 

Bloody Beetroots - We Are From Venice

also check out this interview over at trashmenagerie which may help explain this video.

Also, Bob Rifo is max martin-ing the scene out there in Italy.  Check out his boys Congorock (on the fist of god tour with mstrkft) and the little known Cecile.

LaMano Mia - Cecile and Bloody Beetroots Remix Instrumental

ps i took that picture at the show with my phone.

Friday, October 3, 2008

the pop bitch's corner, "top friends...."

its been a busy week over here at the crushed community: a new blog, mike g's release and subsequent release party (go by his ep at turntable lab!!!), learning final cut pro for the "busy boys" video, gathering the remixes for the "busy boys" and "get digital" remix eps, and with everything going on in the world, i feel like my heads gonna explode....

to start, sarah "witch huntin" palin (go hide the crystals!) is using her "re-programming" on the minds of amerrricans and its....terrifying.

the government owns the stock market, and myspace is not in our top friends anymore. im sure you all know by now that myspace is set to become a digital distribution outlet for the major labels...and when the new music players arrived last week (on the day mercury went into retrograde, mind you) everyone's plays disappeared. one by one, artists with major deals and millions of plays got their pages in order long before the little guys.

it makes sense, scratch the backs of those you'll be making the most money say goodbye to the outlet that jump started DIY careers and revolutionized the music industry, and expect pop-up adds for the jonas brothers and all kinds of perks out of reach to the independents. you may have noticed that this week everyone got a 2-6000 play bump....hmmm, reminds me of the $600 tax rebate some people got....but the pop bitch warry, be veeerrrry warrry. its like the 700 billion dollar buy out. it may seem like things get better cause gas will get cheaper and the dollar will rise, but things are going on at a very deep, very hidden level, that will, no doubt, fuck you and me in the ass somehow.

its time to move away from myspace. word on the streets here in NY say that local heroes are working on a solution, the new outlet, word on that go start a blog and rebuild that website...

on that note, i leave you with a purple crush remix of "top friends", a track by the machine drum produced artist, gidget sparks.....i think i sound like roxy cottontail on my verse......holler!

"top friends" - gidget sparks (purple crush remix)

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Ursula 1000

So I was on Dr. Luke's Wikipedia page (mega post to follow) looking in wonderment at his accomplishments when i happened upon a list of tracks co produced with DJ Alex Gimeno aka Ursula 1000.

You've heard the name, but what's his game? Firstly, as seen in the above video, he brings the funk. Secondly, as also seen, he has a sense of humor. Thirdly, he is what some of us new jack blog dj's might refer to as "The Real Deal." Fourthly, his look reminds me of the mooney suzuki guy.  That's cool with me, I love DJ's who look like indie rock stars.

According to my internet sources, Alex Gimeno was born in brooklyn, grew up in a musical family and spent a long time in miami where you either drown in a mountain of cocaine or learn how to dj real good.  Apparently his apartment is completely filled with vinyl because he is an insane record collector.  He also has sold tracks to the devil aka Grey's Anatomy.

His sound is all Tiki Torches, exotic hula girls, baile breaks, and thievery corporational soundscapery.  Enjoy.

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Mike Genius Release Party, Girls and Boys, Famous Friends, The Black Kids

I live in NYC. Well, Brooklyn to be exact.  Off the A train deep in.  So sometimes you have to figure out if its worth it to go out at night.  Last night, went out to see some fam dj in the west village.  Getting there? a bitch.  Getting home? End up witnessing the mother of all girl fights waiting for the train.  I'm talking 2 chicks fighting over another other chick.  I'm talking a big ass dyke causing major damage to a J*Davey looking skinny girl over another girl in a sundress (its october mind u).

I'm talking some asian guy trying to help out by hitting the big girl over the head with a frying pan he was carrying, to no effect.  I'm talking blood, alot of it. Cell phones and wallets (and frying pans) kicked into the track.  And it just didn't stop till the cops came and we got on the train.

But enough of that.  Tonight will be better because its going to be an insane party at Arlo & Esme's for the Famous Friends Girls and Boys Party with Mike Genius (his release party!!!), Purple Crush (DJ set),  and The Black Kids DJ set. RSVP at and bring your frying pan for the ride home.