Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Ninjasonik - where's my ipod?

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So if you have been paying attention to anything at all related to the New York Streets you've heard about Ninjasonik. Over a year ago I remember walking along broadway and running into the ever charming yet hardcore Jah Jah. Isla said "You've got to start rapping. You could be the next Spank Rock!!!"

Isla is known for her prophetic statements, and it seems yet another prediction has come through. Teenwolf (DJ Producer)Rev McFly (Jah Jah), and rapper Telli Gramz are like the skater punks you always wanted to get drunk with even though their crew might rob you (if you know who has my iPod can you please tell them to at least reformat it?).

Anyhow this video is the Rap Remix version of the ground breaking "Tight Pants" video.  I would also like to take this opportunity to hype my remix of Art School Girls, another genius track that I will be blogging later on........

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