Friday, October 24, 2008

Kris E. Sell Out's Summation of CMJ Thus Far.

isla and jared are now in europe doing something cooler than you are doing. i have been asked to post to this blog in their absence. i accept. normally i would just post mp3s but apparently this blog is now on the radar, so i would have to get permission for each file (i know right?).

cmj sunday: dim mak party with steve aoki, and some other guys. stretch armstrong or tittsworth or both... first official party of cmj... didn't go. RSVP'd and completely forgot, even though i was 3 blocks away. but i heard it was lame (hey, sorry guys, but i'm relaying hearsay).

cmj tuesday: first official day of cmj. i went to ella to see cindy kim, roxy cottontail, and some other girl dj. it's a very cool venue, and roxy didn't play a bunch of b-more shit. it was chill and fun and i danced with arthur baker and bryanna and some total strangers. then went to happy endings, which was lame, as usual. i hate on happy endings so bad, and always from the sidewalk in front of happy endings. prince terrance, frankie chan, bryanna (aka bb fruit boots), unemployed lloyd, and some other people took me to a party that didn't happen. it was frankie's birthday, funny shit ensued.

cmj wednesday: i started the night with annex, since it's closest to the train. saw igor ( in the station, walked over. i got there at midnight and nothing was happening. terrance was spinning dance rock downstairs, upstairs was empty. dimitry started spinning daft punk and shit upstairs while like 4 dudes yelled random shit into the mics with an echo. still no performance come 1:15, so bryanna, sean roberts, a cute asian girl from LA, and i bounced to bar13. it was a long cold ass walk and smoking was the only solace (thanks sean!). we walked in and hervé "cheap thrills" was being dropped. we took this as a sign that our night was only getting better. crystal castles was djing...
i saw kap10kurt for the one night he will be here for cmj, and i'm glad i did because he is by far the coolest person in the city. we took turns mimicking the dude from crystal castles' aloof and distant pout as he spun. i heard some shit talk about them from a dozen different people, but i thought the dj set was pretty bangin. the dude AFTER crystal castles (whoever you are, you rule) was awe-some. sean and i bought red stripe at the deli and smuggled it in via my purse. we went back to annex in time to get huddled downstairs until 4:30 or so, and eventually everyone huddled outside scavaging for after parties, and then the cops showed up and bryanna and i dipped via alexander techniques' benz. 

cmj thursday: i went out to dinner and the only party i rolled up on tonight was the fool's gold party at webster hall. some blonde bitch hassled me even though i was on the list and being vouched for by fool's gold people. i don't even know who i saw dj, but some dude rapped and that was lame (so lame everyone in the crowd just stood there), then kid sister came out dressed like dre + sequin pants. dave 1 from chromeo was hanging out next to the decks but he didn't do anything. i sat around and played kiss kiss with people i know and people i now know. pretty boring, everyone was out by 3. 

the best things i've witnessed so far will never be blogged, but i might tell you if i see you out, because i love a good shit talk session. i haven't been impressed, but i think i'm just bored and killing time until pharrell gets here (tomorrow), and we can go to soulwax at irving. i missed the band hey champ, who were recently blogged on disco dust (google it, they're amazing). saturday is the iheartcomix party, and frankie chan's birthday party, and i'm looking forward to it. saturday is also the fluokids party at love club, and i expect you people to be in attendance because i will be (look for the chick in all black looking cooler than you are). i haven't seen jeff ( all week and this makes me sad because jeff is awesome. 

see you mother fuckers at every party for the rest of this week... feel free to buy me a drink. or candy.


Air Jared said...

book report. A+

jeff said...

awwwwww, fool's gold was lame? so glad we stayed at 205. wallpaper de-fucking-stroyed. come to europa tonight for mic terror and shala plus everyone else awesome (read: us) tonight at 11ish?