Sunday, October 19, 2008

Guest Post & Mixtape - Sit Down Bitch U Don't Have This

Welcome to a guest post by our friend Kris. Enjoy this mixtape. As she said, its tracks that are around the blogs but don't get much play.......highly recommended.

"hi, i’m kris: aka kris e. aka kris e. sell out aka kris von d aka luda kris aka kris the shit (if i’ve programmed my number in your phone when intoxicated).. you may or may not know who i am. but it doesn’t matter because you’re not reading this."

sit down bitch, you don’t have this // kris e says hello

miami bitch // surkin

steroids // mr. oizo (feat. uffie)

my people // the presets

i love to move in here (proxy remix) // moby

twenty thousand leagues (bag raiders remix) // midnight juggernauts

rio (hervé remix) // bumblebeez

gay dentists // mr. oizo

personal jesus (dirty south remix) // depeche mode

home zone (proxy remix) // digitalism

Download: sit down bitch, you don’t have this. no 1. - direct link

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