Monday, September 29, 2008

Zo! and Tigallo: Love the 80's....

Ok, anyone who knows me knows i love the 80's. I have even been quoted as saying electronic sequencing and songwriting were perfected in the 80's.  Sampling is a different story, but thats a topic for another post.
These guys right here, Zo! and Tigallo, might possibly agree with me.  On their EP "Love the 80's," they actually have the balls and ability to redo those songs that haunt you in the back of your mind every now and then when you feel like you may be walking on sunshine. Imagine if Slum Village or Sa-Ra Collective joined forces with Toto .  Its like i didn't know i wanted to hear it this way but i totally do.
So having found this CD in the back seat of an A&R person's car, i had to do a little research. Turns out the singer (Tigallo) is Phonte from  Little Brother. And Zo! is a producer from detroit which rhymes with on point, which he is.  btw these guys have been blogged before so check it: 2dopeboyz

Bonus check out an audio inerview with them (


sheenabeaston said...

We're mondo mad about Something About You.

The only way we'd dig 'em more was if they did Toto's Hold the Line. We are forever infatuated with that track.

Anonymous said...

I REALLY want to get this CD. Can't find it! :((