Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Sex in Dallas

Sex in Dallas. Their label Kitty-Yo describes them as 3 electro-slackers, which is obviously a front for 3 people who work really hard but try and act like they don't.  Not fooling me, S.I.D. hmm...S.I.D... Could that be a reference to the famed SID chip responsible for the 8 bit sounds lodged deep in the brain of anyone who touched a computer in the 80s or listened to Crystal Castles in the last few months?  Knowing the general smart-assness of the electro scene I'm going to have to say YES.  Well, then SID i figured out your little joke so, you can kiss my wavetable!!
Anyhoo, more importantly SID's music is something I actually listen to for fun.  I consider it the logical musical extension of a little movement called electroclash. In fact, they have a track featuring Khan, who was one of the first artists I ever knew of during the heady, pre-dsl days of indie electro in Brooklyn.  Check these guys out on their Virb page. it will tell you everything you want to know including who Biladoll is.  Its way more informative than crappy myspizz..... 

Chicago (Feat. Khan) - Sex in Dallas feat. Biladoll & Khan


Grand Opening - Sex in Dallas feat. Biladoll


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