Thursday, September 25, 2008

Mystical Creatures #1

High in the clouds above our earthly view, there lives a horse with wings, beautiful hair, a sweet-ass hypercolor tattoo, and the ablity to shoot lasers out of his eyes. This Pegasus is my homeboy, Peggy, and he's given me a few tracks to share with you on this fine thursday.

Peggy's Picks:

Peggy: Neeerrhrhrhhrhh. Even though this track is a bit on the "douche" side of the electronic music spectrum, the bassline that kicks in at 1:00 is so badass it will make even the most self-conscious, scarf wearing hipster, shake an ass like a one-legged leprechaun.

Wolfgang Gartner - Get It


Peggy: Five words: Mr. Oizo Kicks Mega Ass! Plus, after listening the Crookers version in like every mixtape this year, it's really nice to hear another take on the track.

Busy P - To Protect and Entertain (Mr Oizo Remix)


Peggy: This track has been a favorite at all the raves we've been having up here in the sky lately. The subtle backwards hihat make me want to do the running man and the breakdown is epic in the most epic sense of the word. Nehheehhehhharahhahhhhhh...

Digitalism - Idealistic (A-Trak remix)


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