Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Show at Monkeytown

Monkeytown may be one of the strangest names for a club, but somehow i feel i belong there. I was telling a friend from the band Excepter that we were playing there and he told me he played there for something like 7 hours straight on election day whilst drinking mushroom tea. Wow.

Wednesday, June 3rd, Purple Crush shall rock monkeytown with Anamanaguchi who make hacked 8-bit punk music (who we played with in 2007 at death by audio), and self described "steam punk outfit" Infernal Devices.


JW said...

The last Excepter show there was 17 hours straight.

Air Jared said...

my mistake.
to make up for it purple crush will perform 1 minute for every hour excepter performed.