Wednesday, May 27, 2009


Here it is! the party we've been waiting to throw....

Crushed Records first label showcase!!!

because we are promoting.....

Crushed Records first label compilation!!!

The Party will be tomorrow, thursday night (5/28) at Glasslands in Williamsburg Brooklyn (289 Kent Ave) it costs $5.

As you can see by the flyer, it will be crammed with talent, and no doubt talent will be leaking out the sides and back...

we got Nic Xedro, Leif, and Purple Crush LIVE and Cobra Krames, WZRDZ, Flashmen, and Chaz & Jason (Palmsout) Djing.

and as a super special treat, the west coast half of WZRDZ has flown out to make a special appearance. This doth happen once a fortnight!

The compilation is called You Been Crushed v1 and will be available digitally in the coming weeks. Until then expect some freebies on the internet as we have disseminated a few celebration of the WZRDZ reunion, enjoy this new banger from WZRDZ:

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