Thursday, June 18, 2009

Electro house in the house

well, this should be fun. after going to all the myspaces for links i do believe i have a new love for synths that sound like guitars.

and they sent 2 mixes to keep us busy until then:

Mr Vega, Wzrdz, & Radio Krome - June 20th Europa Nightclub Promo Mix -

1. La Roux - In For The Kill (Mr Vega Remix)
2. Nirvana - Smells like Teen Spirit (WZRDZ Remix)
3. Air - Napalm Love (Radio Krome Remix)
4. CT Burners & Jubilee - Kick it (WZRDZ Remix)
5. Dragonette - Fixin to Thrill (Mr Vega Remix)
6. The Presets - Kickin & Screaming (Radio Krome Remix)
7. Smile on Impact - Stop (Radio Krome Remix)
8. Mr Vega - Its Vega Time
9. Led Zepplin - Immigrant Song (WZRDZ Remix)

DJ Sniffles - H1N1 Mix -

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