Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Steam Machine

So I was over at DJ Krames' house yesterday to borrow his cabasa and he revealed to me a little known fact amongst the New York party scene: no one here has made a promo video for their party.  How un-promotional of everyone.  Well, Krames has rectified that with this crass little romp that takes us through a history of ass shaking in case you forgot what partying was.
Oh and stick around for the glam shots of the party's hosts, Sean Roberts, Nick the Duke, Kramesy, and Rekles. Oh and how could I forget Jeff from Culture of Me?

Introducing "Steam Machine" (re branded from "Unstoppable Perfect") a party held at a little diamond in the rough known as Happy Endings here in NYC on Thursdays.  BTW its called Happy Endings cause it used to be a massage parlor that must have offered happy endings.

Watch this video if you dare. May be NSFW...

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