Sunday, December 7, 2008

Freddie Mas: True Artist of Brooklyn

Every once in a while you run across someone who makes you go "hm. that guy/girl is the real deal."

Now the definition of the Real Deal is something that is never really discussed, but everyone knows what it is. The Real Deal simply is. With that in mind i'd like to introduce you to Freddie Mas.

I recorded this video of him art-jamming in a brooklyn bar/record store called Sound Fix in Brooklyn. But don't get it twisted, Freddie Mas is a man of many talents. A song writer, guitarist, electronic musician, drummer, DJ and electro house dance punk funk music historian.

He has released records on Tigersushi and Codek, who put out a split EP with In Flagranti.

Here's how Tigersushi describes him:

"Freddie Mas is something like the whitey Grace Jones if the diva were ever to resurrect as an Arkham escapee singing fucked up power-psyche lyrics over house tunes. A man to follow, follow, only not too close. There's danger in those songs."

See that's the beauty of the Real Deal. Just as likely to quote literature as to jump on the hood of a cab and smash the windshield with a U-Lock (true story).

He's done his share of remixes (including one for Kudu) and composed a 60 song collection of under 2 minute songs meant to be played in an itunes playlist on shuffle. (itunes link)

Another thing about Freddie Mas: hes not really on the internet (aside from people selling his music). He is that real. If you've read this far than you might as well click on this review of his Arc Ep on German mp3 site It describes the essence of Freddie in a way i just couldn't seem to over the last 200 words.

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