Monday, December 8, 2008

Crushed Records Presents: WZRDz

We are very excited to announce the WZRDZ EP release and with it this special promotional video featuring the inspirational 1977 animation by Ralph Bakshi and a remix of a song we all know and love:

From the press release:

Lore has it two WZRDz exist, one in the East and one in the West. The Eastern one lay deep with the knowledge of synths and stabs, while the Western one forged samples heavy as though a master hammer smith.

Their scrolls proclaim alliances amongst the tribes known as iheartcomix, Meterhead, Purple Crush, and Afrodesiac Soundsystem. Through struggle and triumph, through uploading and sequencing, brothers they came to be. By the portal known as Crushed Records, their ancient knowledge shall be revealed. .....WZRDz...

WZRDZ Myspace

This is just a teaser, and by the sound of it, you know the 4 song EP is so banging we really can't post any mp3's till later....though we will be dropping the full Nirvana Remix in a few, so stay tuned....

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