Saturday, May 8, 2010

Kavinsky is Back!!

I'm a big Kavinsky fan. I've posted on him before, listened to his music, been to his shows, put his songs on mixtapes, made mashups with his songs. Even did a show with him. Yes, we did, and he turned to ME for tech support when his CDJs didn't work in Berlin. I was the nerdiest one behind the dj booth, and yes, I was the one to plug the CDJ from phono to Line in. Me. I made it happen for Kavinsky.. and now this mix can make it happen for YOU.

download the mix here

1. History Lesson – The Beepers
2. Flashing – Goblin
3. Spleeper In Metropolis – Anne Clark
4. Crockett’s Theme – Jan Hammer
5. Kiss Me Hardy – Serge Gainsbourg
6. Fire In My Heart – Escape From New York
7. Moochi’s Death – John Carpenter
8. Overdose – Cerrone
9. Beach Theme – Tangerine Dream
10. Roche (Kavinsky Remix) – Sebastien Tellier
11. Nightcall – Kavinsky

here's the original post at

and here's what Kavinsky says about this mix:

“This mix is automatically generated by my car when I start the engine. This is the music that flows in my veins. My car knows this. For the first time ever, you are able to listen to this program outside of my car. Enjoy."

Not to go on and on, but I love the fact that this mix is not dominated by hipster jams, but rather Kavinsky's unique asthetic.

Looking forward to the single Nightcall, which is either out now or will be soon. Oh, and i should mention the remix contest. figure that one out on your own, homie.


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