Tuesday, March 10, 2009


Crushed Records is dropping "Get Digital," A song about the digital world featuring the King of Wobble Rap, Leif. And, yes, we did it for the lulz.

The original song has been chopped and screwed and funneled into the commercial world for this G1 commercial. So go sign up for T-Mobile and get a G1 Google Phone. Mention Purple Crush and you get...... probably a polite blank look from the rep....there is no Purple Crush discount. Yet.

But thats just the capitalist cherry on top of the remix sunday (get it?)....

We got these big ballers to contribute to the mayhem: Ben Mono, Udachi, Boody B & Mahzda, Mike Genius, and the ever artistic Jimmy Edgar. Also, big thanks to Johnsville for his amazing painting on the cover. He is a serious talent.

And since everyone who is on the internet suffers from at least a mild case of ADD, we made a mashup of the entire EP in one lil song. ENJOY.

Buy the EP: [iTunes] [Beatport] [Amazon]

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Sheena Beaston said...

love it!