Friday, March 6, 2009

DJ Chaos - So Chaotic

the other day i got a google alert for a F!@# the DJ remix. Hadn't seen any new remixes of that track for a minute. so i downloaded it and it ruled!

I then did some interweb investigative reporting and discovered DJ Chaos of Oklahoma.....and i had to ask him a few questions:

lets begin at the beginning. what was your initial inspiration become what is now known as DJ chaos?
In the mid 80's during the Break Dance craze I was sponsored by Coca-Cola and traveled all over Oklahoma doing Shows. I was fascinated by the dj's scratching and mixing records. I bought my first set of turn tables and started practicing scratching and mixing records. One night I had some friends over and I was scratching while he was rapping and he said, "Wow! Thats chaotic, Dj Chaos in the house!" The name stuck.

Sounds very uh, chaotic...Nice work on the F the DJ remix. what made you do this remix?
I loved the vocals! I love bitchy diva sounding vocals. Like, "Shopping On The Dancefloor". I went looking for a good remixes to play at my Club residency, Club Posh, and I could'nt find any, so I made my own.

Thats the only way to you are in oklahoma city.. what is the club scene like there? 
It could be better, we have a lot of nice clubs but It was a lot better five years ago. Now it's more of a drinking crowd. Don't get me wrong I have many loyal friends and fans that come out to support me and the EDM (Electronic Dance Music) Scene, but the crowds have gotten a lot smaller. I think it will pick back up in the next few years, thanks to sites like Beatport & Masterbeat, and blogs like Digital Eargasm, that make dance music easily accessible to the masses.

I love Digital classy. who are the artists you are paying attention to/taking inspiration from at the moment?
Dj Fixx, Dj Deekline & Keith MacKenzie for Freestyle & Breakbeats and Wolfgang Gartner & Hatiras for House & Electro.

That Wolfgang....he's such a killer! On the production tip, lets get nerdy for a second....what tools do you use to produce tracks?
The Newest version of Cool Edit Pro, Gold Wave and a few others.

A PC user i see....ok then, what sub genres of club music do you associate yourself with if any (i'm thinking juke, gettotech, fidgit, trance whatever)?
Just House, Electro, Breakbeat, Freestyle, Funk, Hip Hop

finally, who is in your crew?
Just me for now, but special thanks to my fellow Posh resident Dj/Remixer Dj Kelly Trance, my friend Dj Ronn Plae of Digital Eargasm for helping me get my remixes out there, all the Oklahoma Dj's that play my remixes in there clubs, and all the fellow Dj's and EDM heads that love a good remix.

Thanks DJ Chaotic. i'm coming through your party if i'm ever in OK..

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