Monday, February 2, 2009

DJ's Are Not Rockstars? Then what are they?

So this guy named Van Scott sends me this email about a new release "Nightlovers" on a label called DJ's Are Not Rockstars. Of course I've heard of it, it's Alexander Technique's label, and he's been hyping it a while now in NYC clubs about town. You may have also heard of the quite satisfying song produced by Lauren Flax, You've Changed, also put out by the label.

So I look at the remixers, and he's got one of my all time faves Acid Jacks, and Chewy Chocolate Cookies (who you really can't hate on cause shit's always tight).

There's a Nick Catchdubs remix too and the original was produced by Alexander himself, with vocals by Van Scott. After i took a listen i realized i've been hearing this song in the club already. What a shocker. Here it is in all its glory, grab it quick before the uploads expire....

oh, and, go brooklyn!

Original Mix (zshare)
Acid Jacks Remix (mediafire)
Nick Catchdubs Remix (mediafire)
Chewy Chocolate Cookies Remix (mediafire)

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