Thursday, February 19, 2009

2 Righteous Dudes

Sometimes you have to deal with the fact that people want to know how "for real" you are. Generally this means how long you've been doing whatever it is you do or who got you into it.

Nowadays its all about how long you've been raving....and if you are under 21 it just doesn't seem to be possible to live up to the heady days of the early ninties.  Well kids, I bring you your new inspiration: 2 Righteous Dudes.

This is possibly the only father/son electro duo dropping jams on the scene.  I have had the pleasure of hearing one of their sets in Orange County and I found it to be, well, righteous. Basically Pops (DJ Manray) raised Junior (DISH.IT) as a Goa Trance kid.  Here he is in 93 with his "baby sitters:"

They've sent us a Live Mix (getting more and more of these!) and it is totally on point.  Not surprising, because these guys are nothing if not meticulous.


Sturzflug(Azzido Da Bass Dub) - Spillsbury
Kuku(feat. Fagget Fairys) - AC Slater
Buzzin(AC Slater Remix) - Shwayze
The New Hip House(feat. Alex Peace) - DJ Bam Bam, Mixin Marc
Bring Back The Duck(feat. MC Duke) - The Squatters
Open Ya Drapes(Electric Soulside Remix) - Keith Mackenzie
Amsterdam(feat. Guerilla Speakerz) - Mightyfools
Hey Babe(Electric Soulside Remix) - Mightyfools
Under Your Skin - Action Man
Dominator(Lars Moston Remix) - Human Resource
Pussy - Nadastrom
Curry - Mustard Pimp
Evil Panda - Sound Of Stereo
Got The Power - Jak Z
La Fumo Loco(Edu K Remix) - Act Yo Age
Rapture(Beanflickers Remix) - Data
Burglar Problem - Monsieur B.

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