Thursday, April 9, 2009

T.B.D. is a 2500 square foot lounge in Greenpoint, Brooklyn. As described on their website they have 12 beers on tap and free Wifi.

This friday there will be a sweet party there featuring a few of my favorite Brooklyn producers. Dre Skull, Krames, and Mike Genius.

The party is called the big dipper, and to get there, basically you have to follow the north star. if you have trouble finding the north star, just look for the big star coming off the handle of the big dipper up in the night sky. I know, its hard to do when you are on the G train, but some challenges aren't meant to be overcome.

T.B.D. is located at 224 Franklin Street in Greenpoint, Brooklyn. If you can't follow the stars, here's mapquest.

enjoy these mp3s from the afore mentioned artists in the meanwhile:

Flying Saucer Tai Chi - Mike Genius

Gone Too Far feat. Sizzla (Buraka Som Sistema Remix) - Dre Skull

Sick Wit It - DJ Krames

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