Thursday, November 6, 2008

Even Busier Boys

Busy Boys. Perhaps you've seen the video. Perhaps you've wondered what it all means. Perhaps you are the one who left a comment on discobelle wondering what drugs we were on when we made it.

Well, to answer you're question: it was a heady combination of high altitude mountain air and finely ground sea salt. Of course, we were freebasing this air-salt combination with a dirty little technique called deep breathing. Please don't try this on your own. its dangerous.

But Busy Boys is about much more than getting cranked up on rock (salt). Its about hustling. its about making something more out of something less. In short, its about the American Dream.

In our travels round the world we have been out there collecting the dopest remixes the european electro underground has to offer just to prove our point. So it is with great pleasure that I drop the original busy boys track and a remix by one of the dukes of the emerging copenhagen ghetto rave scene, jens fokking (of copyfokking).....we'll be teasing you with 192s of the ep gearing up for the release date, November 18th....

Busy Boys (Original Mix)

Busy Boys (Jens Fokking Remix)

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